Ontario Chamber of Commerce Releases Vaping Policy Guidelines

December 19, 2019 — VITA would like to share the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) Tobacco and Vaping Report with you, which was released by the OCC today.

Members of the Vaping Industry Trade Association who are also members of the OCC participated in the Tobacco and Vaping Report Working Group. VITA is impressed with the leadership and collaborative approach demonstrated by the OCC on the vaping file. While VITA does not support all the recommendations found in the report, we believe that Chambers should play a more active role in policy discussions on vaping.

Chambers are well positioned to advise on the costs of regulation and taxes to business which may hinder the development of the vaping category and undermine tobacco harm reduction in the process. By way of context, VITA is quickly becoming Canada’s leading representative body of the manufacturing, distribution and retail sectors. Eighty per cent of its membership qualifies as small business and the majority of these businesses are led by former smokers whose lives were positively transformed by vaping.

VITA is committed to working with all stakeholders to develop evidence-based regulations that protect the adult consumer and advance tobacco harm reduction, whilst preventing youth vaping.

Media Inquiries:
Daniel David, President & CEO
Vaping Industry Trade Association (VITA)

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