Ontario Vaping Regulations

Summary of recent developments:

  • Advertising of vaping products prohibited in convenience stores and gas stations
  • Ban on all flavoured vaping products in convenience stores and gas stations
  • Nicotine content for vaping products in convenience stores capped at 20mg/ml
  • More regulatory details to come in February 2020

The Smoke-free Ontario Act was introduced by the Wynne administration in 2017. It contains provisions regulating the sale of e-cigarettes. Unlike tobacco, the provincial Liberal government at the time opted to allow e-cigarette companies to promote their products inside convenience stores, as long as they comply with federal laws.

However, in fall 2019 the Ford administration announced a ban on the promotion and advertising of vaping products in convenience stores and gas station, which came into effect January 1, 2020. The province cited increasing amounts of research showing the rise of vaping amongst youth.

In early February 2020, Health Minister Christine Elliott revealed in a news conference convenience stores and gas stations will not be allowed to sell flavoured vaping products at all, and nicotine content will be capped at 20mg/ml for those products that can still be sold in these establishments. The minister is set to provide more details on the proposed regulatory changes to cabinet in February.

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