Amendments restricting vaping were brought in 2015 to two legislations: The Smoke Free Places Act and Tobacco and Electronic Smoking Device Sales and Access Act. It contains similar provisions seen in other jurisdictions.

Progressive-Conservative backbencher MLA Cory Deagle is calling on his government to raise the age to purchase vaping products on the Island to 21 from 19 — or even ban the sale of vaporizers altogether He introduced a Private Members Bill to address many issues related to vaping, including the age limit.

Bill 112 An Act to Amend the Tobacco and Electronic Smoking Devices Sales and Access Act had all-party support and received royal assent on November 28, 2019.  It will come into effect March 1, 2020.

The amendments contained the following:

  • The legal age of vaping was raised from 19 to age 21
  • Restricts the sale of vaping products to adult specialty stores
  • Updated signage to reflect the new minimum age

The government also held consultations on a potential ban on flavoured vaping products in early 2020. Health Minister James Aylward has said unequivocally that flavoured vaping will be banned in the province, saying “We did it with flavoured tobacco, we’re going to do it with flavoured vaping as well,”

Draft regulations on flavours are expected to be released in early March 2020.

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