E-Cigarettes are More Addictive than Traditional Cigarettes—A Study in Highly Educated Young People

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Published: 2019

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Conclusions: In conclusion, in this work the use of e-cigarettes among young adults was shown to result in higher nicotine dependence levels than nicotine dependence related to tobacco cigarette use. In addition, a stronger dependence on the e-cigarette compared to the traditional cigarette identified in dual users indicates that e-cigarettes may be highly addictive. Further research is necessary to provide evidence on the role of e-cigarettes in smoking cessation, especially in young adults. Social normalization of smoking behaviors by allowing e-cigarette use should be monitored.


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International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health


Mateusz Jankowski, Marek Krzystanek , Jan Eugeniusz Zejda, Paulina Majek, Jakub Lubanski, Joshua Allan Lawson and Grzegorz Brozek


Jankowski M, Krzystanek M, Zejda JE, et al. E-Cigarettes are More Addictive than Traditional Cigarettes-A Study in Highly Educated Young People. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2019;16(13):2279. Published 2019 Jun 27. doi:10.3390/ijerph16132279