Exploratory Research on Smoking Cessation

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Published: 2019

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“There was a widespread perception among current smokers that vaping is a new habit rather than a smoking cessation tool and that its health effects are still unknown. Most former smokers who vape started doing so before they quit smoking and they credit vaping with helping them quit smoking. Some former smokers vape regularly now, and others vape only when in social situations wherein they would have smoked cigarettes in the past. Looking ahead, many vapers think they will quit vaping at some point and most are vaping nicotine (very few use e-juices with no nicotine). In terms of what they get from vaping, former smokers who vape find it enjoyable and like the social connection, in addition to using it as a means to treat cravings.”


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Health Canada


Phoenix SPI for Health Canada


Phoenix SPI for Health Canada. Exploratory Research on Smoking Cessation. Catalogue number: H14-304/2019E-PDF International Standard Book Number (ISBN): 978-0-660-24041-1