VITA Supports the Alberta Government’s Review of the Provincial Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act

“Vapour products are intended to be used by current and former smokers as a harm reduction tool”

CALGARY, October 3, 2019 The Vaping Industry Trade Association (VITA) supports the Alberta Government’s review of the provincial Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act and looks forward to working with MLA Jeremy Nixon as a stakeholder in this process.

Alberta has over 130 specialty vape retailers in the small business sector. The people who own and operate these businesses, and their employees, are largely former smokers who’s daily goal is to continue to reach out to Alberta’s 780,000+ current smokers and introduce them to a product bearing health risks the Royal College of Physicians (London) estimates ‘are unlikely to exceed 5% of those associated with smoked tobacco products, and may well be substantially lower than this figure’1.

These 130 specialty shops are bolstered by thousands of convenience stores, gas stations, and grocers that have the ability to introduce smokers to vaping products where they currently purchase their tobacco products.

Youth prevention is a critical focal point for VITA and we will be introducing programs and initiatives to identify non-compliant vendors and disrupt youth access.

Thomas Kirsop, a VITA Board member representing Central Canada (AB, SK, MB) who operates two vape shops in Alberta had the following to say about the legislative review:

“I think that we can encourage Alberta’s 780,000 smokers to switch to a less harmful product and significantly reduce youth experimentation and uptake with thoughtful and well considered regulation. These two laudable goals do not need to be mutually exclusive.”

We look forward to working with MLA Nixon in the coming weeks and months on this review, providing the Alberta Government with scientific evidence, academic data and industry consultation in order to support the creation of evidence based legislation and regulation for vaping products.

About VITA: The Vaping Industry Trade Association (VITA) is a newly formed association representing vaping industry stakeholders with a goal to represent and support the Canadian vaping industry in advocating for harm reduction, evidence-based regulations and ensuring the responsible manufacture, distribution and sale of vaping products. VITA is committed to working with governments to set and uphold regulations for vaping products in Canada.


1 Royal College of Physicians. Nicotine without smoke: Tobacco Harm Reduction. London: RCP, 2016

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