VITA Responds To New Federal Marketing And Advertising Regulations For The Vaping Sector

OTTAWA, JULY 8th, 2020 – The Federal Government today unveiled new regulations related to the marketing of vaping products. These new rules prohibit the display of any brand element in a place or manner visible to young people and will ensure that vaping devices are not visible at point of sale in places where young people might be present.

“The vaping industry does not want minors as customers,” said Daniel David, VITA President. “We are a sector built to help Canada’s almost 5 million adult smokers who can’t or won’t quit combustible cigarettes switch to a far less harmful nicotine alternative” added David.

Unfortunately, despite the creation of an adults only environment for conversations around vaping, overly rigid prohibitions remain in place related to what vaping manufacturers can say to adults about the comparatively lower harm associated with vaping compared to smoking.

For the last 6 years, Public Health England has declared that vaping is “95% less harmful” than combustible tobacco; The American Cancer Society has stated that “E-cigarette use is likely to be significantly less harmful for adults than smoking regular cigarettes”, and the National Heart and Lung Institute of the Imperial College in London has stated that “Smokers who switch completely to vaping will gain a significant health benefit”.

However, despite this significant evidence, 43% of current smokers who view cigarettes as “extremely harmful” perceive vaping as carrying the same degree of relative health risk based on Health Canada data.

“46,000 Canadians die each year from tobacco related illness,” said Allan Rewak, VITA Executive Director. “If vaping can assist us in possibly reducing this number, then we must ensure that there is room for adults to learn about its potential risks and benefits”, added Rewak.

Moving forward VITA is committed to complying fully with the new regime while also working with Health Canada and federal policy makers to develop a responsible and implementable regulatory regime that allows for authorized relative risk statements in age gated environments.

About VITA:

Canada’s largest trade association representing the industry’s manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers, VITA is committed to working with stakeholders and governments to set and uphold regulations for vaping products in Canada. VITA’s approach is based on credible evidence, science, facts, and logic. In our efforts to responsibly grow and defend the category, the Association commits to collaborating with Health Canada and other regulatory bodies to identify best practices and to inform the development of evidenced-based regulations.

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