VITA Responds to Nova Scotia Nicotine Restrictions

Ottawa, ON, May 11 , 2020 – The Vaping Industry Trade Association (VITA) is concerned that the limitation of nicotine in vape products by the Government of Nova Scotia will make it harder for heavy smokers to quit and do little to combat access by youth.

“The federal government has already established nicotine concentration limits for vape products based on the best available science,” said Allan Rewak, Executive Director. “The level put in place in Nova Scotia will limit adult smokers to a product that provides less nicotine than tobacco cigarettes, making it harder for heavy smokers trying to transition to a product that is 95% less harmful.”

The result is that smokers may stay smoking, vapers may go back to smoking or vapers may try to obtain higher nicotine and flavoured products from the illicit market or from other provinces – creating an environment of confusion around what is allowable and uneven enforcement.

VITA believes that nicotine levels should be established and maintained at a federal level to ensure consistency and compliance. Moreover, VITA believes that actions to limit nicotine are not what will prevent youth from vaping.

“We must confront youth vaping directly by increasing penalties for social sourcing of vapes and selling to minors”, said Daniel David, VITA President. “VITA is working with our members to increase access to ID scanners and calls upon governments to do their part and work with industry to ensure that no one under the age of majority is accessing a nicotine vaping product.”

Moving forward VITA stands ready to work with all governments in developing targeted policies to reduce youth access and in lowering the harm associated with tobacco consumption for Canada’s four million smokers.

About VITA:

Canada’s largest trade association representing the industry’s manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers, VITA is committed to working with stakeholders and governments to set and uphold regulations for vaping products in Canada. VITA’s approach is based on credible evidence, science, facts, and logic. In our efforts to responsibly grow and defend the category, the Association commits to collaborating with Health Canada and other regulatory bodies to identify best practices and to inform the development of evidenced-based regulations.

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