VITA’s Response to Nova Scotia Flavour Ban Announcement

December 5, 2019  – The Vaping Industry Trade Association (VITA), today expressed deep concern by the latest announcement from the Government of Nova Scotia. The flavour ban announced today means adult smokers and current adult vapers will no longer have access to flavoured vape products, which help them to switch off cigarettes. The flavour ban also means adult consumers and business owners will have to contend with a patchwork of legislation, even when flavours are already regulated by the federal government, which will lead to a thriving black market and exposing vapers to considerable risk.

“Today’s announcement by the provincial government to ban flavours will push adult vapers back to cigarettes and to the illicit market,” said Daniel David, President & CEO, VITA. “Adult smokers who are looking to quit smoking will not be able to purchase vapes in Nova Scotia that don’t taste like the cigarettes they are trying to leave behind.”

“The industry has been urging the Government of Nova Scotia to take a coordinated approach with Health Canada, our national regulator. Instead, the Province is fundamentally banning vaping products, even though we have seen an 8.5% cigarette decline across Canada. Current federal regulations already prohibit the promotion of certain flavours and should be enforced,” said David.

The enactment of a provincial ban on flavours is the first of its kind in Canada and will drastically undermine the switching rates of smokers towards less harmful alternatives. Current federal regulations already prohibit the promotion of certain flavours and should be enforced. Equally troubling, the flavour ban will drive consumers to black market products – exposing vapers to products made with unknown ingredients under unknown manufacturing standards.

“We strongly support measures that keep vaping products out of the hands of minors, but Governments must equally ensure adult smokers and vapers can access legal, regulated vape products,” concluded David. VITA will be commenting further as the situation develops.

For more information on VITA’s positions, please visit the website.

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Daniel David, President & CEO
Vaping Industry Trade Association (VITA)

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