Vita Statement Regarding JUUL Announcement

The Vaping Industry Trade Association is comprised of several individual industry players, with different commercial strategies and corporate positions. Our member companies maintain their autonomy to run their business in a manner that they see fit.

VITA remains steadfast in its commitment to offer adult vapers and smokers with a full range of flavours because the research shows that flavours are critical to incentivizing adult smokers to switch and are necessary features in helping vapers stay smoke free.

While vaping products should be accessible and affordable for adult smokers and vapers, youth should not use vaping products. The youth vaping issue can be understood in terms of appeal and access. VITA does not hold flavours accountable for youth appeal. In fact, two reports commissioned by Health Canada show that flavours are not solely or even primarily responsible for inciting youth to vape. The same reports show that social pressure and social triggers are the main culprits. With respect to access, VITA points to the research that shows that the vast majority of youth obtain vaping products through social sources-not through trusted retailers.

Regardless, VITA is working closely with its member population to educate retailers and is developing programs and initiatives to improve and standardize age-verification practices across the industry. It is with this collaborative, educational and cooperative approach that we believe the challenges facing the industry are best addressed.

Media Inquiries:
Daniel David, President & CEO
Vaping Industry Trade Association (VITA)

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