VITA’s Response to BC’s Vaping Regulation Announcement

The Vaping Industry Trade Association (VITA), a leading voice for the Canadian vaping industry, is concerned by the latest announcement from the Government of British Columbia. The proposed legislation includes measures to ban flavours that help adult smokers switch off cigarettes, restrict communications so adult smokers are unaware of less harmful alternatives, and cap nicotine concentrations which are already regulated by the federal government.

“VITA supports the provincial government’s role in using regulatory tools to address youth vaping, but creating a patchwork of legislation across the provinces will only feed the black market and push adult vapers back to cigarettes,” said Daniel David, President & CEO, VITA. “The vaping industry’s voice needs to be heard on this important issue and we are urging the Government of British Columbia to take a coordinated approach with Health Canada, our national regulator.”

The application of a provincial ban on flavours in non-age restricted environments and capping nicotine concentrations in British Columbia would be the first of its kind in Canada and could undermine the switching rates of smokers towards less harmful alternatives. Current federal regulations already prohibit the promotion of certain flavours and should be enforced. In addition, vaping products with nicotine concentrations of 66 mg/mL or more are banned from the Canadian market.

Equally concerning, the proposed legislation could drive consumers to black market products – exposing vapers to considerable risk.

“We strongly support measures that keep vaping products out of the hands of minors, but Governments must equally ensure that effective products remain available for existing adult smokers. VITA looks forward to working with the Government of British Columbia on their planned stakeholder engagement on important issues critical to the vaping industry,” concluded David.

Media Inquiries:
Daniel David, President & CEO
Vaping Industry Trade Association (VITA)

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