Youth Prevention

Preventing youth uptake of vaping products is of critical importance to both industry stakeholders and policy makers. Despite the fact that it’s illegal to provide vaping products to minors, they continue to find ways to get access to these adult only products. This page has been created to present industry stakeholders with innovative solutions and resources that can be used in the fight to prevent youth uptake. 

Youth Prevention in Vape Shops

Across Canada, specialty vape shops are designated adult only locations, however, highly advanced fake ID’s are inexpensive, widely available, and are being used by minors to purchase age restricted products. View this page to learn about leading ID verification technology for vape shops, access member discounts on scanners, and download additional age verification signage for retailers.


Youth Prevention Online

E-commerce websites face unique challenges with ensuring that minors are prevented from accessing, ordering, and receiving age restricted products. View this page to learn about age gates, ID verification plugins and software, and age verified delivery services.  

Youth Prevention Education

This section includes links and resources for educating retail staff on checking ID, and any information relevant to youth prevention education.

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