Youth Prevention Online

Ecommerce vape websites are the primary access point for many adult consumers but preventing minors from accessing products online requires additional age gates, ID verification, and age verified delivery services.

Online Age Verification

Equifax’s Age and Residence Verification Service: The “Cyber-Doorman” for Your Website

When doing business on the Internet, verifying age and residence is critical, and it’s often the law. That’s why Equifax has created AgePoint.

AgePoint verifies the age and residence of prospective and existing customers before allowing access to your services. It’s like having a “cyber-doorman” checking identification at the entrance of your website.

This is a secure service that goes above and beyond age gated drop down boxes or CAPtcha programs, this will give your online business added security and comfort knowing the purchaser is of legal age. 

Please view the information sheet regarding this program: 


There are a variety of plugins and add-ons for your eCommerce platform such as Shopify and WooCommerce. The best option is to use one that forces a visitor to enter their date of birth.

Age Gates

Age gating is an important part of the vaping industry and is a best practice all business should be following to reduce youth access to vapour products.

Several businesses have integrated a check box or YES/NO pop-up function that prompts the webpage visitor on whether they are age of majority for the province or territory in which they reside. To strengthen this feature, it is suggested that businesses go one step further and add the tri-drop down box function to input the visitor’s date of birth to access the website.

Though this is not considered to be a foolproof function, it still strengthens age gating protocols as we work towards reducing youth access to vapour products.

There are several plug-ins available online that can be used on most if not all domain providers. If you are using a POS provided website, apps and add-ons are also available but options may vary per program. We would suggest speaking with your web developer on how to properly integrate this function onto your website as an entry prompt.