Youth Prevention in Vape Shops

Vape shops are a critical access point for adult smokers looking to learn about, and purchase a wide range of effective vapour products. Unfortunately, today’s youth have cheap and easy access to highly advanced fake ID’s that even law enforcement struggles to detect.


Access to Minors

Patronscan validates every client ID using proven and modern artificial intelligence-based technology that can identify even the best fake ID's.

Displacement of

The Black Market

Help's in preventing “booting” by tracking purchases across multiple businesses to see if an individual is purchasing for reselling purposes

Create an

Audit Trail

Provides a scan history which can be used to match transactions ensuring each venue operator & staff
scan everyone's identification.

We Are

Regulatory Compliant

Patronscan has worked hard to be fully compliant with all Canadian privacy laws while verifying age of patrons.

ID Verification Technology for Vape Shops

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How ID Scanning Increases the Safety of Vape Stores

ID Scanning using Patronscan provides a simple solution to many of the problems that occur in the vape industry. Our flagship product, Patronscan, is the world’s best ID scanner, using modern artificial intelligence technology to authenticate over 4,700 types of ID in under 3 seconds. It offers several benefits to Vape stores, such as the ability to spot fake IDs and keep minors out.

  • We have 15 years of ID scanning and have scanned over 100 million ID's
  • We scan one million ID's and catch 7500 fakes every two weeks
  • World leading scanning engine that contains over 4700 documents
  • Identifies expired ID's
  • Validates age.
  • Patronscan uses our own AI/OCR algorithm to ensure quick integration as new ID's are introduced
  • When a fake ID is detected, an alert screen will highlight suspicious areas of the ID.
  • We read the front of the ID comparing over 6500 unique characters.
  • Currently integrating digital ID.
  • There is hundreds of websites that sell fake ID's and it makes it very easy for minors to get fake ID's.

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Challenge Questions

Challenge questions are based on information that the patron would know if they are from the state/province of the ID and if it has their correct date of birth on it. Questions such as zodiac sign, telephone area code, state/territory slogan, license plate slogan, etc. What we have found is that most people that get a fake ID, get an ID from a different state/province, making the challenge questions hard to answer unless the ID is real.