Frequently Asked Questions

We know you got questions, We're happy to answer them...

What is VITA?

As Canada's largest trade association representing the industry's manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers, VITA is committed to working with stakeholders and governments to set and uphold regulations for vaping products in Canada. VITA's approach is based on credible evidence, science, facts, and logic. In our efforts to responsibly grow and defend the category, the Association commits to collaborating with Health Canada and other regulatory bodies to identify best practices and to inform the development of evidenced-based regulations.

To be clear: vaping products are meant for adult smokers only as an alternative to cigarettes, never youth or non-smokers.

How Does VITA Make Decisions?

The Association is led by a Board that has 12 seats and has implemented a vote share system to ensure adequate representation of provinces, ownership types and distribution channels. Three of the founder board seats are allocated to companies that sell vape products and have an affiliation with tobacco manufacturers.

Tobacco affiliated founders have a combined vote share of no more than 20%. The other three founder seats are allocated to large vaping industry companies that have no affiliation with tobacco. The vape-only founders also have a combined vote share of no more than 20%. The remaining six seats must be filled with representatives from companies that have no tobacco affiliation. These are elected regional seats which have a combined vote share of 60%.  VITA has even created a rule (by-law) stating that if one company buys out another company that has representation on the Board, they immediately lose their Board seat. This will prevent any one company from gaining more power over the Board.

Who Does VITA Represent?

VITA is committed to working together with and supporting all industry stakeholders, large and small, and has the highest respect for the entrepreneurial spirit from which the industry was born. As general membership opens to the industry, VITA will continue to be inclusive of all sizes of business.

Will Information on VITA's Advocacy Initiatives be Available to the Public?

Yes. All activities of VITA, including its financial statements and budget, will be posted on the VITA website. Members are encouraged to engage with VITA through its working committees and to contribute to the strategic planning process leading up to and during our Annual General Meetings.

In addition, VITA has committed to sending regular newsletters and updates on government meetings for all members to view and comment on. Even non-member stakeholders will be able to participate on advisory and technical committees, though only VITA members will be able to vote. Further, any direct engagement with governments will be registered with the appropriate federal or provincial lobbyist registries.

Who Are the Founders of VITA?

There are six founding members of VITA (Dvine Laboratories, JUUL Labs Canada Ltd, Valor Distributions, Atelier de Saveurs LaVapeShop, Imperial Tobacco Canada (Vype) and, JTI Canada Tech Inc (Logic). Each of these members committed to contribute $100,000 each year for the next three years. 

The commitment of these founders provides them with a seat on the Board for the full three years. This multi-year financial commitment will allow VITA to become fully operational by hiring staff, as well as legal, government relations, and public relations support. It will also provide capital for programs and initiatives on top priority issues such as additional measures to prevent youth access. As membership expands, the number of projects that VITA will take on will also expand. 

What Will VITA do to Support the Vaping Sector?

VITA will professionally advocate for the interests of the vaping industry. VITA is committed to working with members to advance issues of importance for the entire industry. An evidence-based approach to advocacy and developing positions on key issues is a top priority for the Association. VITA has hired a leading Canadian government relations and public relations  firm to engage with government and to address public relation/perception challenges.

In terms of member services, VITA will take on some of the functions of the now dissolved Electronic Cigarette Trade Association (ECTA). For example, VITA will continue to offer non-legal compliance support and tools to address uncertainties around labelling. In the immediate future, the Board of Directors will be working collaboratively to develop a comprehensive youth prevention initiative.

What are VITA's Membership Costs?

Membership fees are based on company size and divided into two simple categories:

  1. Retail Only – Starting at $80.00/month
  2. Manufacturer/Distributor/Other – Starting at $150.00/month

VITA’s fee structure has been designed to be affordable for all companies - big or small. Our graduated tiers are based on self-reporting the (approx.) number of employees or retail locations. Additional services such as lab testing and employee training can be added to your membership plan at discounted group rates.

VITA is committed to transparency in its operations and finances.  Accordingly, we will comply with both the letter and the spirit of the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act which requires that we make available to our members our annual financial statements prior to our Annual General Meeting of Members.  VITA has retained BDO Canada as our accountants and they will oversee the maintenance of our books.

In the coming weeks VITA will be updating this section with more FAQs, membership benefits & services and how you can join our association.