Mark Tyndall UBC

Harm Reduction Experts

by Mark Tyndall

The focus of my research is public health and disadvantaged populations. Current interests include addiction, poverty, homelessness, drug overdose, and drug policy. Harm reduction including supervised injection sites, regulated drug distribution and nicotine harm reduction (e-cigarettes/vaping). Interest in community-based research with involvement of people with lived-experience.

100 Public Health Experts Sign a Letter Calling for the World Health Organization to Change its Hostile Stance on Tobacco Harm Reduction.

English Letter French Letter “Over the last decade, innovation in the tobacco and nicotine marketplace has meant there are now many nicotine products available that do not involve combustion of tobacco leaf and inhalation of smoke. These smoke-free products include vaping products, novel oral nicotine pouches, heated tobacco products, and low-nitrosamine smokeless tobacco, such as…
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Vaping in the New World of COVID-19

Dr. Mark Tyndall MD ScD FRCPC Infectious Diseases and Public Health Physician, Expert Advisor on Harm Reduction to VITA The world has changed in a very short period of time with the arrival of COVID-19. As leading public health experts and organizations focus on the containment and ultimate elimination of the virus, the need for…
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The Power of Scientific Misinformation – Retracting a Scientific Paper

Original Post here: This week the Journal of the American Heart Association retracted a widely cited study by Stanton Glantz that found vaping to be associated with an increased risk of heart attacks. The retraction of a scientific article is quite unusual as most flawed studies are rejected prior to publication. It should be noted…
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Mark Tyndall’s Submission to the BC Ministry of Health Protection Branch

Dear Ministry of Health: I would like to provide some comments on the new regulatory framework presented by the Ministry of Health under the Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act (TVPCA) that was put out for public consultation. These are my own thoughts and do not necessarily represent the views of UBC. In addition, I…
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The ‘Epidemic’ of Youth Vaping

In response to an “epidemic” of vaping among youth, the province of British Columbia has released a new set of regulations designed to reverse this trend. It aims to position the government as a progressive champion for the health and well-being of young people and has been widely applauded by anti-smoking groups. As other provinces…
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