Canadian Vaping Law: Overview and Constitutional Issues. Final Report

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Published: 2020

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From Report Conclusion:

“These regulations are meant to protect non-smokers from vaping as potentially dangerous in itself
and, worse, a possible gateway to smoking. However, it risks inflicting serious harm on current
smokers, for whom vaping can be an important, and often the most effective, harm-reduction
technique. The vaping legislation tends to generate a perception that vaping is as dangerous as
smoking, reduce the appeal of vaping as a preferable alternative to smoking and even making
ineffective, and to make vaping less accessible and thus a transition to it more difficult for smokers
to undertake.”


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Canadian Constitution Foundation


Dr. Leonid Sirota


Canadian Vaping Law Overview and Constitutional Issues. Final Report. Dr. Leonid Sirota. Canadian Constitution Foundation. February, 2020