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Manitoba Vaping Regulations

Anti-vaping activities, under the leadership Manitoba Tobacco Reduction Alliance are restricted throughout the province. The Alliance has been very vocal in asking to raise the legal age for vaping to be 21. Amendments to the Non-Smokers Health Protection and Vapour Products Act came into force October 17, 2019. The act has also been renamed to…

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BC Vaping Regulations

Summary of recent developments: In November 2019, the government announced many changes to vaping rules including higher taxes (20%), restrictions on sales and advertising, limits on nicotine content and constraints on packaging Government expects to introduce draft regulations on flavour bans in March 2020 The tax on tobacco products increased as of January 1, 2020…

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Alberta Vaping Regulations

Alberta is the only Canadian province currently without legislation regulating vaping. The new United Conservative government has so far employed a prudent approach, centred on fact gathering. Through public statements from the province’s chief medical officer of health, Alberta recognizes the risks associated to vaping, but nuanced this statement by indicating the relative newness of…

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Saskatchewan Regulation Amendments

The following is a copy of the letter sent out by the Government of Saskatchewan regarding their updates to regulations on vaping. On November 6, 2019 Bill # 182 that amends The Tobacco Control Act to address vapour products was passed by the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly. Although passed, the amendments will not come into force…

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