PEI Government Makes it Harder for Adult Smokers to Transition to a Reduced Risk Alternative

OTTAWA, August 25th, 2020:  On March 1st, 2021, it will become harder for adult smokers in PEI to transition to a reduced risk category of consumption – vaping. As of that date, all flavoured vaping products, other than tobacco, will be prohibited.

“The evidence is clear, flavoured vaping products play a key role in helping smokers stay off cigarettes”, said Daniel David, VITA President. “While tobacco flavours are a common starting point for heavy adult smokers, for many others, tobacco flavours have the effect of triggering cravings for cigarettes instead of satisfying them. For the majority adult vapers, non-tobacco flavours have the benefit of ensuring that they don’t return to cigarettes” added David.

VITA is concerned that this decision by the Government of PEI will increase harm by removing the flavours that thousands of adult vapers rely on to stay smoke free, while doing little to combat youth usage.

“Combating youth usage is a problem that requires thoughtful targeted action”, said Allan Rewak, VITA Executive Director. “The government has robust and effective enforcement mechanisms at their disposal that will address the problem of youth vaping at its root – people who are socially sharing, or outlets that are allowing sales to minors. The government simply needs to deploy these tools on a sustained basis – not limit choices for adults trying to quit smoking” added Rewak.

VITA calls for the Government of PEI to rethink this decision, restore access for adults and instead focus on effective enforcement to combat the issue of youth vaping.

About VITA:

Canada’s largest trade association representing the industry’s manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers, VITA is committed to working with stakeholders and governments to set and uphold regulations for vaping products in Canada. VITA’s approach is based on credible evidence, science, facts, and logic. In our efforts to responsibly grow and defend the category, the Association commits to collaborating with Health Canada and other regulatory bodies to identify best practices and to inform the development of evidenced-based regulations.

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