Sample Bars & COVID-19

The Vaping Industry Trade Association (VITA) is asking that specialty vape shop owners consider a temporary closure of flavour sampling stations due to the outbreak of several cases of COVID-19 in Canada. The only way to ensure that sample stations are not a risk factor is if they are either temporarily closed or if they exclusively use individually sealed, single use, prefilled containers for sampling.

With the current rise in COVID-19 Cases across Canada, it is imperative that we are responsible in protecting ourselves and our consumers against the threat of potential transmission. It is important to be diligent in hand washing, washing all surfaces, and providing hand sanitizer stations within your stores and workplace for employees and customers.
Although this may seem to be an excessive precaution, given the high level of concern of COVID-19 and the ongoing issues the vaping industry faces, we believe this is an appropriate measure to consider.

For more information on COVID-19 and prevention and risk, please refer to the information provided in the link below.

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