VITA’s Response: Quebec Proposes Vaping Flavour Ban

The Vaping Industry Trade Association (VITA), a leading voice for the Canadian vaping industry, is deeply troubled by the latest announcement from the Government of Quebec. The proposed measures include a restriction on the sale of flavours to pharmacies and a cap on nicotine concentrations, both of which are features that help adult smokers to switch off cigarettes. The government has also indicated that it will close the regulatory consultation to industry and consumer representatives.”

“Efforts to address youth usage and access are supported by VITA,” said Daniel David, President & CEO, VITA. “However, we urge the provincial government to do this in coordination with Health Canada to avoid creating a patchwork of legislation that will only enable the black market and push adult vapers back to cigarettes.”

Restricting the point of sale for flavoured products to pharmacies and capping nicotine concentrations in Quebec would have the effect of limiting access to and desirability of the product, which would drastically undermine the switching rates of smokers towards these less harmful alternatives. Adult smokers should have access to legal and satisfying products that help them to reduce the harm associated with their nicotine consumption.

“There are finally much less harmful options for adult smokers that are acceptable and satisfying and have proven cessation potential. However for these products to reduce the serious health impacts of tobacco consumption they must be readily available and retain the features that make them desirable alternatives in the first place – like adequate nicotine content and a selection of flavours.” said Dr. Mark Tyndall, VITA’s harm reduction expert advisor. “I urge the Government of Quebec to listen to the people whose lives and health have been improved because of vaping. Less harmful alternatives to smoking cigarettes should be promoted as part of the Government’s tobacco control strategy.”

“In addition to the negative impact these proposed regulations would have on the adult smoker, they are redundant, and without industry participation may be wholly ineffective” said Daniel David CEO of VITA, “current federal regulations already prohibit the promotion of certain flavours which should be enforced. In addition, after careful consideration the Canadian government already banned vaping products with nicotine concentrations of 66 mg/mL or more.”

The industry is working together to develop and implement solutions to prevent youth vaping and it is eager to discuss these with the Government. By forming a regulatory committee that does not include industry participation the government has ignored the role that industry has to play in ensuring compliance, combating illicit trade and tackling youth vaping.

For more information on VITA’s positions, please visit the website.

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Vaping Industry Trade Association (VITA)

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